Rick Santorum's positions on social issues are stressed in a new ad featuring social conservative James Dobson.

The ad was released earlier this week in Michigan, POLITICO.com reported.

“Like you, I take my vote for president of the United States very seriously. Especially in this most vital election. And my choice could not be more clear. I'm voting for Rick Santorum,” Dobson is heard saying in the 60-second ad.

“I've found him to be a remarkable leader. He's defended traditional marriage, he wrote the law that ended partial-birth abortions and he's deeply committed to Jesus Christ. Rick is a man of great character and he's a devoted husband and father.”

Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, has also appeared with Santorum at several campaign events since endorsing his presidential ambitions in January.

In announcing his endorsement, Dobson said he hopes Santorum can stop the spread of laws allowing gay couples to marry.

“The institution of the family is the key issue facing this great nation,” Dobson said. “It is the foundation, the bedrock, upon which every dimension of Western Civilization rests. If it is undermined or weakened by cultural and governmental forces, the entire superstructure will collapse in short order. And indeed, today it is in serious jeopardy. The very definition of marriage is threatened, which has implications for the next generation and the stability of society itself.”