Bianca Lawson, who plays Maya St. Germain on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, says she loves her onscreen romance with Emily Fields (played by Shay Mitchell).

After a brief affair in season one, Maya and Emily have reunited during the show's second season.

Lawson told lesbian entertainment website that she loves her onscreen romance.

“I just really love Maya and Emily's love story,” Lawson said. “I'm such a romantic anyway. I'm a sucker for a good romance, and I love them together. I'm so glad they've had those tender moments, those intimate moments together.”

Lawson added that she supports marriage equality.

“I honestly think it's ridiculous that marriage equality is even an issue, that people are actually debating it. Love is love and people are people. But we are in a civil rights moment right now, and I feel really proud that I fell into this character and into this storyline at a time when there are so many boundaries being pushed and such a political conversation about how gay Americans deserve the same rights as all other Americans.”