Maine voters in November will decide whether gay and lesbian couples should be given the right to marry in the state.

State officials on Thursday confirmed that supporters had submitted enough valid signatures to put the question on the ballot.

According to EqualityMaine, the group submitted more 105,000 signatures, nearly twice the 57,000 names needed.

“Same-sex couples want to marry for the same reasons other couples want to marry: because they love each other and want to spend their lives together,” EqualityMaine Executive Director Betsy Smith said in a statement. “There's no question that momentum is growing for same-sex marriage in Maine.”

The issue is a redo for Maine. In 2009, lawmakers approved a gay marriage bill. However, opponents narrowly repealed the law with a “people's veto” at the ballot box, known as Question 1.

Last month, the group released a poll showing that a majority (54%) of Mainers say gay marriage should be legal. Forty-two percent of respondents remain opposed to the institution and 4 percent said they were unsure.

“Over the past few years, marriage supporters have been talking to their friends, families, coworkers and neighbors about why marriage matters,” Marc Solomon, national campaign director for Freedom to Marry, said in a statement. “As we work to win at the ballot, Freedom to Marry will be there every step of the way alongside Equality Maine, GLAD, and others to continue telling the stories of why marriage matters to loving, committed gay and lesbian couples in Maine, and secure a win at the ballot this November.”

If approved, Maine would become the first state to win marriage at the ballot box.