Max Adler, who plays Dave Karofsky on Glee, has said his onscreen romance with Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer) is not driven by lust.

During the show's second season, the closeted bully endlessly tormented Kurt for being gay. Dave was working though his feelings and appeared to be on the brink of coming out gay during the season's final chapters. In Prom Queen, Dave declined Kurt's prodding to come out to the school.

In this week's episode, titled On My Way, Dave attempted to kill himself after Kurt rejected his advances and his teammates tormented him when they discovered he is gay.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Adler applauded Glee producers for taking risks with his character.

“As an actor to portray this role on a show like this has been the most amazing opportunity that I could have asked for,” Adler said. “I was incredibly happy that they were brave enough and honest enough to go there because I think it's a very prevalent issue now in the world.”

On Dave proclaiming his love for Kurt, Adler said he suspected his character is more likely in admiration of his former classmate.

“To me it's never been lustful or sexual,” Adler said. “It's always that connection of really admiring Kurt for being the only person Karofsky sees that's truly himself. … Kurt is like this beacon of hope and how it could be for Karofsky. It's not so much he wants him in a romantic way.”