Former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson has said Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are out in the Bering Sea on social issues, including gay rights.

The 80-year-old Simpson made his remarks during an appearance on CBS' Face to Face, a web special from the Sunday morning news show Face the Nation.

When anchor Bob Schieffer asked Simpson, a Republican, if he was a Mitt Romney supporter, Simpson replied that he was.

“I am now,” Simpson said. “I just watched it all, I've been watching. I know Santorum, I served with him. I served with him. I don't know Paul, but I, I am convinced that if you get into these social issues and just stay in there about abortion and homosexuality and even mental health they bring up, somehow they're going to take us all to Alaska and float us out in the Bering Sea or something. If we're going to do that, and here's a party that believes in government out of your life, the precious right of privacy and the right to be left alone. How then can they be the hypocrisy of fiddling around in these social issues? We won't have a prayer. But I have tossed some money in the kitty just last week to Romney.”

Schieffer pressed on Santorum, asking if Simpson believed that social issues would be Santorum's undoing.

“Well I'll tell you, he is rigid and a homophobic. He believes that gays and lesbians, he mentioned in an interview in 2003, about bestiality, and gays and lesbians. I think that's disgusting. And they asked him, well he said I want a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and they said well what about the people who are already married? And he said well they would be nullified. I mean what is, what's human, what's kind about that? We're all human beings, we all know or love somebody who's gay or lesbian so what the hell is that about? To me it's startling and borders on disgust.”

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