Cabler Logo is preparing to expand its programming beyond catering to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

According to gay blog, the network is preparing a slate of programming that appeals to a gay audience but isn't specifically targeted to the gay viewer.

Logo's upcoming programming slate for 2012 is free from shows with gay leads.

“They're only developing shows with non-gay leads,” a former unnamed staffer said. “They are trying to be Bravo – a gay best friend – as opposed to just being gay.”

“I was right there. I would hear the meetings and the phone calls. Not one new show has a gay lead. It makes everyone that works there sick to their stomachs, but they're afraid to say anything.”

General manager Lisa Sherman defended the shift, saying gay characters are regularly featured on network television and gay viewers do not solely identify themselves by their sexual orientation.

“Being gay is an important part of their lives but it's not what they lead with,” she said. “So if we're going to keep to that idea of displaying their lives, we need to reflect that new reality.”