Daniel Pokorney, the mayor of La Grande, Oregon, has apologized for several anti-gay marriage Facebook posts, The Observer reported.

Pokorney came under heavy criticism and calls to resign after he posted several anti-gay comments on his personal Facebook page, including describing gay marriage as an “abomination.”

“I sincerely apologize for my choice of words in the two Facebook posts last week. My choice of words was harmful and hurtful,” Pokorney told a crowd of about 150 people attending a forum Monday on the Easter Oregon University campus.

“I don't hate anyone. My intent was not to be hurtful, but to express myself on important issues. I understand there is a right way and a wrong way to address the issues.”

In his posts, Pokorney criticized recent marriage equality gains in Washington state and New Jersey.

Washington had transitioned to “Sodom and Gomorrah,” he wrote in one post.

“Well, New Jersey continues the abomination of same-sex unions,” he wrote in another post. “Hopefully the governor will veto the bill.”

While several who attended the forum defended Pokorney's right to weigh in on the issue, no one defended the mayor's comments.

“I appreciate the apology, but when I look at the mayor of La Grande, I see the representation of La Grande,” said student Michael Cooper. “If I work for a bank and go out and state my opinions in the street, I know I'm representing my company.”

Pokorney is not the only mayor called on to resign his post after posting anti-gay marriage comments. Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice Daniels offered a tepid apology for saying on Facebook that she was going to throw away her I Love New York bag “now that queers can get married there.”