New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has denied that he is out of touch in his opposition to the legalization of gay marriage.

Christie on Friday followed through on his threat to veto a gay marriage bill if approved by lawmakers. The governor has suggested putting the question on the ballot, instead.

In a segment scheduled to be broadcast Tuesday on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Christie told host Piers Morgan that he is in the majority on gay marriage.

“Wait a second,” Christie questioned Morgan. “Are you suggesting that because my position is in step with 43 of the 50 states that proves I'm out of step?”

“My point is ...”

“Still a healthy majority. I feel fairly comfortable,” Christie interrupted.

“... at what stage does it become politically strained?”

“I won't compromise my principles for politics,” Christie responded.

Christie also insisted that his gay friends do not accuse him of being bigoted.

“My friends – whether they be homosexual or not – know me, and they know that I'm not bigoted,” he said. (Watch the exchange on CNN.)