Argentina, the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage, is becoming a popular tourist destination for gay travelers.

More than 3,500 gay nuptials have taken place in Argentina over the past 18 months. The country is now a top 5 destination for LGBT tourists.

Buenos Aires, in particular, has welcomed the gay tourist boom.

According to the Argentina Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, gay tourists spend twice as much money as straight people and travel more frequently.

“The reason is quite simple,” Pablo de Luca, president of the Argentina Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, recently told the AFP. “My sister, for example, has two children. She has to make sure they receive a good education, have good doctors, are well dressed and everything else involved in raising a family. Gay couples have two salaries coming in and they're able to spend their money on other things. It's that simple.”

Despite the marriage law, anti-gay sentiment remains, said one married couple.

“This is just a small step,” said Alejandro Luna. “You still see discrimination here.”

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