Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj appeared on Good Morning America to promote their line of cosmetics which support efforts to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in Latin America.

On the program, Martin and Minaj discussed why they became involved with MAC Cosmetic's Viva Glam campaign.

“We're here because we want to make a difference,” said Martin.

Martin's Rick Martin Foundation supports efforts to end the human trafficking of children.

“Unfortunately, kids are being infected with HIV/AIDS,” he said.

Proceeds from sales of Ricky Martin's lip conditioner and Nicki Minaj's scene-stealing pink lipstick go to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Latin America.

Minaj noted that the issue was important to her because an uncle had died of AIDS.

“He actually was living in Trinidad,” Minaj said. “It's dually important because, you know, it's my family, and in addition it's my country.”

“When MAC reached out we spoke a lot about us going to the Caribbean islands and raising awareness there,” Minaj said. “It's important for people from the islands to understand it's not something that should only be discussed in America.”

“I don't want people to think that this is a gay disease. … This is something that's killing everyone, no matter your preference, no matter your religion, your race,” she added. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)