Former Vice President Dick Cheney, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman are lobbying Maryland lawmakers to approve a gay marriage bill, the Baltimore Sun reported.

The Maryland House is expected to take a final vote on the measure during a session that starts Friday at 4:30PM.

Lawmakers approved two amendments to the measure aimed at shoring up support. One amendment, approved Thursday evening, pushed back the bill's effective date from October to January, ensuring that gay nuptials do not begin until after the November election. Opponents have vowed to put the issue up for a public vote. The second amendment, passed on Friday, would block the bill from taking effect until litigation over a repeal drive to the law is settled.

Republican Delegate Wade Kach, who two days earlier voted against the measure in committee, on Thursday reversed course, saying he would vote for the bill.

Kach said Bloomberg, Cheney and Mehlman had left voice mails asking for his support on the measure.

“I'm more interested in talking to my constituents and my colleagues here,” Kach said. “I just didn't call them back.”