A Minnesota Senate panel on Wednesday voted down a resolution which would repeal a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in the state, The Pioneer Press reported.

The amendment, approved last year by the Republican-controlled Legislature and slated to be voted on during the November general election, would define marriage in the state as a heterosexual union.

During a Local Government and Elections Committee hearing debating an unrelated photo ID ballot question, Democratic Senator Mary Jo McGuire offered an amendment to the bill which would remove the gay marriage question from the 2012 ballot.

The amendment failed with an 8-6 party-line vote.

In remarks after the hearing, McGuire said she offered the amendment to give Republican members a chance “to see the error of their ways, to correct their mistake of putting it on the ballot. I think they might have regretted they had done this when they realized what they had actually done.”

A similar measure is sponsored in the House by openly gay Representative Karen Clark.