State Representative Jason W. Bartlett (D-Bethel) has come out to become the sixth openly gay legislator serving in the Connecticut General Assembly. Bartlett made the announcement in interviews with The Hartford Courant, the nation's 47th largest newspaper by circulation, and his local paper, the Danbury News-Times.

Bartlett's announcement was barely news in Hartford where Democrats claim a 70% majority of the General Assembly. Connecticut became the second state to enact same-sex civil unions in 2005 after Vermont and the first to do so without judicial intervention.

But it was a historic announcement in other regards, Bartlett has the distinction of being the first openly gay black legislator in the United States. The National Black Justice Coalition, a Washington D.C. gay rights group, says Bartlett is only the sixth openly gay black elected official.

Bartlett, 41, is a freshman lawmaker and co-chairman of Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in Connecticut. He was elected to the General Assembly in 2006 after two previous unsuccessful attempts.

In his interviews Bartlett said he was never a hypocrite about his sexual orientation. He said he has always supported marriage equality and gay rights.