Roughly 100 people on Sunday morning protested Fort Des Moines, Iowa Pastor Michael Demastus' “Gay is not okay” sermon, the Des Moines Register reported.

Demastus last week promoted his upcoming sermon on homosexuality with a message stating “Gay is not okay” on the marque outside the Church of Christ where he ministers.

The 41-year-old Demastus told about 150 parishioners that homosexuality is “not an unpardonable sin,” but insisted that a person cannot “be God-fearing and disobey God at the same time.”

By way of example, he said that people who don't follow Apple's instructions on how to use an iPad won't be happy with the results.

“They wrote those instructions for my benefit,” he said. “God created sex. He knows how it works.”

Outside, protesters held signs that read “Gay is Okay!” and “Real Men (Like Jesus) LOVE Unconditionally.”

“No more children need to die because of this bigotry,” one protester told the cheering crowd. (Video of the protest is embedded in the right panel. Visit our video library for more videos.)