Uganda MP David Bahati has reintroduced a bill which would increase the penalties for homosexuality, but a death clause has been dropped.

“There will be no death penalty at all,” Bahati told the AFP, “that will go.”

Bahati reintroduced his proposal on Tuesday. Parliament officials, however, said the version introduced was identical to last year's version, which proposed putting repeat offenders to death under certain circumstances. The bill also would criminalize discussions of homosexuality and penalize a person who knowingly rents to a gay or lesbian person.

Bahati, who first introduced the bill in 2009, insisted the measure's language was being modified.

“The death penalty is not part of the process that we are talking about,” Bahati said.

He added that this year's version also scrapped proposals to jail family members who knowingly failed to report gay relatives to officials and to jail people who make claims that they were married to a member of the same sex.

During a 2010 interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Bahati said his bill was needed because more than $15 million had poured into the country in less than a year to recruit children into being gay. However, the lawmakers could not back up his claims.

On Wednesday, the Uganda government distanced itself from the proposed legislation.

“It does not form part of the government's legislative programme and it does not enjoy the support of the prime minister or the cabinet,” the government said in a statement.

President Barack Obama has previously called the proposal “odious.”