Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Osbourne, Chaz Bono and Chely Wright were among the celebrities cheering Tuesday's Prop 8 ruling.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled California's 2008 voter-approved gay marriage ban to be unconstitutional.

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“Fantastic news about Prop 8 being declared unconstitutional!” tweeted Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain. “Here's to freedom and equality for all Americans.”

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who married actress Portia De Rossi in California before Prop 8's passage, tweeted: “Today we took another step toward equality. #Prop8 was found unconstitutional again. I couldn't be happier.”

Recently married country music singer Chely Wright messaged her followers: “I am a gay American and it's my Constitution too. #NOH8 Amen.”

“Are my ears hearing this correctly?” Kelly Osbourne rhetorically asked. “If so my eyes are filling with tears of joy! Thank you lord #Prop8IsUnconstitutional!”

Singer Miley Cyrus agreed: “we're one step closer beautiful people #Prop8IsUnconstitutional.”

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“Today the US Court of Appeals rules that Prop 8 is unconstitutional,” Chaz Bono tweeted. “One step closer to equality for every American.”