New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has called on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to stop “playing games” with gay marriage.

Two weeks ago, Christie broke his silence on a marriage equality bill being debated in Trenton. The Republican governor vowed he would veto the bill if it reached his desk and called on lawmakers to send the issue before voters.

Democrats who back the measure criticized Christie, saying civil rights should never be put up for a vote.

Noting recent polls that show a majority of voters support gay marriage, Christie on Thursday described his suggestion as a “magnanimous” gesture.

“The polls that I've seen show that if this goes to the ballot, I lose,” Christie said during a town hall. “How much more magnanimous could I be?”

Speaking Saturday at the annual Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Gala in New York City, Quinn, who is openly gay, said Christie was playing “a political game” with the issue, gay glossy The Advocate reported.

“I think the legislature should vote and I think Governor Christie should sign the bill, and if he's not willing to sign the bill, then he should veto it,” said Quinn. “But he shouldn't play a political game, which is in essence what he's trying to do, which I think everybody has seen as too cute by half.”

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