A leading group fighting against Washington Governor Chris Gregoire's plan to legalize gay marriage has promoted the claim that gay parents molest their kids, media watchdog EqualityMatters.org reported.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW), which is headed by 30-year-old Joseph Backholm, has already begun to mobilize against the measure, which cleared the Washington Senate on Wednesday by a wider margin than expected.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation's most vociferous opponent of marriage equality, has already stated that it would partner with FPIW to put the law on the ballot in November.

Promoted on FPIW's website is an article by George Dent Jr., a professor of law at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, titled No Difference?: An Analysis of Same-Sex Parenting, in which Dent claims that “high rates” of gay parents molest their children.

“Due in part to promiscuity, homosexuals have high rates of disease. Gay men became more cautious about sex after the onset of AIDS, but infection rates soon rebounded to their former levels. Gay men also suffer disproportionately from many other diseases. The tendency of male homosexual acts to spread disease may help explain the revulsion many people feel about them. Lesbians also suffer high rates of suicide, mental illness and drug and substance abuse. Although many homosexuals brag about the absence of gender discrimination in their relationships, those relationships are often abusive.”

“The high rates of child sex abuse among homosexuals and bisexuals are also a cause for concern. At the least, given the uncertain effects of homosexual parenting, the children raised by homosexual couples are being treated as guinea pigs, which is troubling.”

Dent also alleged that gay parents turn their their kids gay: “There is evidence that children raised by homosexuals are more likely to engage in homosexuality and to feel confused about their sexual identity.”