Madonna has said she was “extremely affected” by the AIDS crisis.

The 53-year-year-old Madonna made her comments in a cover story with gay glossy The Advocate.

Touching on the topic of her early support for gay men living with HIV/AIDS, Madonna observed that the crisis brought out the worst in some people.

“I was extremely affected by it,” she said, insisting that it's “OK, to be gay, period.”

“I saw how people treated them differently. I saw the prejudices, and I think probably I got that confused with, intertwined with, you know, maybe things that … ways that people treated me differently.”

Madonna, who is set to perform during Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI halftime show in Indianapolis, added that she has never abandoned her gay fans.

“I never left them. When you're single, you certainly have more time to socialize and hang out with your gay friends, but then you get married and you have a husband and you have children, and your husband wants you to spend time with him.”

“I hope nobody's taking that personally. It certainly was not a conscious decision. As it stands, most of my friends in England are gay.”

“But I'm back,” she added. “Never fear.”