Robin Tyler and Diane Olson are divorcing after nearly 4 years of marriage, The Daily reported.

The women were one of the 14 original gay couples involved in the landmark California Supreme Court lawsuit that opened gay marriage in the state for a brief five months in 2008. A voter-approved referendum, Proposition 8, overturned the court's ruling.

“It's a divorce, not a gay divorce,” the 69-year-old Tyler said. “We had a very successful, happy relationship for a long time.”

“I'm very sad. We were domestic partners for six years now because we never dissolved it after we got married. We were in a relationship for almost 18 years and before that we were friends for 20 years. So this isn't some sort of Kim Kardashian thing,” she said, referring to the reality star's brief 72-day marriage.

The couple's fight for the right to marry was documented in the film Annul Victory. (A trailer for the film is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Tyler said that she filed for a divorce on January 25th and that the women had separated.

Proposition 8 ended marriage equality in California, but the 18,000 couples who married before the amendment's passage remain married.

“I am really glad we fought for it, I don't regret it and I don't regret my marriage,” Tyler added. “It's a civil right to get married, and we have the right to get divorced.”