A woman on Thursday told the New Jersey Assembly Committee considering a gay marriage bill that there are a greater number of “ex-gays” than gays.

The committee voted in favor of advancing the measure to the full House after hearing more than 6 hours of emotional testimony from dozens of supporters and opponents of marriage equality.

The panel's two Republicans, Michael Patrick Carroll and freshman Holly Schepisi, voted against the bill.

Testifying against the bill, the Rev. Jean Ann DiBenedetto of Go Ye Ministries suggested that gay people were emotionally unstable.

“If we would just take the time to study the lifestyle, we would find out that there is an emotional issue going on inside a person,” she told lawmakers.

“Now I know they are not going to like what I have to say, but I'm going to speak fact here,” she added.

Chairman Peter J. Barnes, who voted for the bill, called hecklers out of order when DiBenedetto continued: “The more single parent homes we have the more of this lifestyle we're going to see.”

“Every witness will be given the respect that they deserve,” Barnes admonished.

“Do we change the laws and the laws of God to make a wrong a right? In every major decision in life we study all sides, we weigh out the pros and cons. If a major decision is made based on emotion, it usually comes back to bite us. And that's why we have more 'ex-gays' than practicing gays, and that is a fact,” she added as several in the audience laughed.

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