Maryland lawmakers on Tuesday will hold a public hearing on a gay marriage bill.

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee will consider the bill at its 1PM meeting. Testimony will be limited to 2 hours per side.

If approved, Maryland would become the seventh state to legalize gay marriage. The state currently recognizes the legal marriages of gay and lesbian couples performed outside its borders.

At a rally Sunday in support of the measure, Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler told roughly 200 activists that he believes the bill will pass, but added that opponents were certain to challenge it at the ballot box, gay weekly Metro Weekly reported.

“Obviously the law that we have – marriage between a man and a woman – is unconstitutional,” Gansler said. “It defies the equal protection, it's against due process, and it will change.”

“I think we're going to pass it this year. It'll go to referendum,” he added. “That's where we're really going to need your help. And then, at the end of the day, it's going to go to court.”

Opponents of the bill will hold a counter rally at Lawyer's Mall on Monday at 6PM in Annapolis.

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