Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley on Sunday reiterated his support for proposed gay rights bills in his state.

Speaking on the final day of the 24th annual National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change, which took place at the Convention Center Hilton in Baltimore, O'Malley said he would fight to make Maryland the seventh state to legalize gay marriage.

O'Malley told attendees that Marylanders “are a people who believe very deeply in the dignity of every individual.”

“[T]he dignity of a free and diverse people who at the end of the day, all want the same thing for their children: to live in a loving and caring home that is protected equally under the law.”

The governor added that “discrimination based on gender identity is wrong.”

“[P]assing a law to protect transgender Marylanders from employment, credit and housing discrimination is the right thing to do.”

O'Malley also expressed regret for a remark made by his wife Katie O'Malley earlier in the week at the conference.

Talking about last year's unsuccessful marriage equality bill, Mrs. O'Malley said: “We didn't expect the things that happened to the House of Delegates, but sadly they did, and there were some cowards that prevented it from passing.” She later apologized in a statement.

“I love my wife very, very much, and for the last 20 years she has done the very difficult job of balancing a host of responsibilities and doing it very well,” he said. “None of us speaks perfectly, and sometimes we make mistakes.”

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