Governors Chris Gregoire of Washington and Martin O'Malley of Maryland disagree with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's call to let voters decide whether gay people should have the right to marry.

Christie made his remarks on Tuesday as a bill that would make New Jersey the seventh state to legalize gay marriage cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee with an 8 to 4 party-line vote.

Christie called on lawmakers to put the question on the ballot – saying it was best for the people to decide – and vowed to veto the measure if it reached his desk.

“Let the people of New Jersey decide what is right for the state,” he said.

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Appearing Friday on MSNBC, Gregoire and O'Malley, both of whom are Catholic and support current efforts in Washington and Maryland to legalize gay marriage, said they preferred a legislative solution.

“I think the best resolution of these sorts of things” is “that it happened legislatively,” O'Malley told host Thomas Roberts.

“Sometimes, we have to go to court to get that done as a country. Other times, it's a combination of several steps – legislative, courts, the people deciding – but ultimately, Americans resolve these issues by extending rights more fully and more equally to all individuals.”

Gregoire said she did not want lawmakers “to say instead of taking the tough vote, send it to voters. They were elected to make these decisions, it's time for them to do so.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)