Olaf de Fleur's transsexual Cinderella film, The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela, has won the Berlin Film Festival's Teddy Award for best film with a gay theme.

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela stars Raquela Rios as a Philippine transsexual prostitute in search of a fairy tale life in Europe. It is Rios' film debut, a transsexual herself. Director Olaf de Fleur found Raquela Rios on the Internet while she was living in the Philippines.

In an interview posted on the official movie website Rios admits she spends too much time on the Internet searching for the perfect guy. She says she realized early on she did not feel comfortable as a male, but due to strict parenting she kept it to herself. Finally, at the age of 17, she began living life as a girl. It was “freedom” said Rios.

Additional information on the film can be found at www.queenraquelathemovie.com

Leave it to Logo to put together a new kind of reality dating show where bachelorette, best friend and even a suitor are transgender. Transamerican Love Story is an elimination dating show featuring transgender bachelorette Calpernia Addams. Trans best friend Andrea James comes along to offer helpful advice. Finally, among the 8 male contestants vying for Addams' affections is Jim, a transgender male.

Indeed the producers of the show made a fine decision in choosing Calpernia Addams as their bachelorette, a beautiful and accomplished woman who represents the trans community well. Addams served in the first Gulf War as a medical combat specialist and is a decorated war veteran, activist and actress.

On XM Radio's weekly GLBT show The Agenda with Joe Solmonese, Addams tells her host that she was attracted to the project's informational opportunity. “This is a chance to show people that we like to date too, that we want to find love just as well, and that we're not weird monsters hiding in the shadows that they can just dismiss,” Addams says. Later she adds, “People are going to be shocked at how normal I am.”

Transamerican Love Story can be found Mondays on Logo.

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