The St. Paul City Council on Wednesday approved a resolution opposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that would ban gay marriage, the Star Tribune reported.

Voters will decide on the issue during the November general election.

The resolution easily cleared the chamber with all six present members voting for it. A seventh member, Don Bostrom, was absent and did not vote on the resolution.

“It's not my issue,” Bostrom told the paper.

The resolution makes note of St. Paul's history of supporting gay rights.

St. Paul “has long recognized the importance of equality for all citizens and has been a leader in supporting human rights, including the adoption in 1990 of an ordinance making it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation,” the five-paragraph resolution reads in part.

In 2009, the city approved a domestic partnership registry.

A November statewide poll by St. Cloud State University found more Minnesotans oppose than support the amendment. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they do not support amending the state's constitution to define marriage as a heterosexual union, while 44 percent said they favored the amendment. Nine percent refused to answer.