Rick Santorum on Tuesday told the mother of a gay son that her son was engaging in unhealthy activity.

Santorum made his comments during an outdoor campaign stop at Community Christian Academy in Stuart, Florida, Post on Politics, a blog of The Palm Beach Post, reported.

When a woman asked Santorum why her son does not enjoy the same rights as heterosexuals, the GOP presidential candidate responded that the government should only recognize healthy behavior.

“Everybody in America should have the same rights, and I would agree with that,” Santorum answered.

Santorum then added: “There are certain things that government does that gives people privileges in order to promote activity that are healthy for society and are best for society. And those things we promote would give people advantages or benefits, government benefits because we think, that is healthy activity. Mothers and fathers coming together, forming healthy marriages, having children and raising those children. Every American child has the right, and the government should support the right to have and know their mother and father and be raised by their mother and father.”