Singer Adam Lambert has confessed that he's flattered when girls say they want to convert his sexuality.

Lambert, who is dating Finish reality star Sauli Koskinen, made an appearance Tuesday on San Francisco's Fernando and Greg in the Morning radio show, which features openly gay radio hosts Fernando Ventura and Greg “The Gay Sportscaster” Sherrell.

On the show, Lambert was asked, “How does a gay glam rocker get so many chicks?”

“It's a very flattering thing, but I love when girls say, 'I want to convert you,'” Lambert answered. “Like they think that that's even possible.”

Lambert added that he has been with a woman.

“It was fun,” he said of the experience. “Not my preference, but it was nice.”

Lambert, who on Monday released the cover artwork for his second studio album Trespassing, which is set for release on March 20, also remarked on his recent arrest in Finland, saying he had “too much to drink and acted like an idiot.” (Watch the entire interview at