Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Vermin Supreme are featured in a new video spoof from the Gregory Brothers titled Get Money, Turn Gay.

Outlandish statements said during the current GOP presidential nominating contest are “songified” in the video to create a hilarious music video.

In the nearly 3-minute video, Gordon-Levitt introduces viewers to little known presidential candidate Vermin Supreme.

“And now we will hear a two-minute closing statement from Vermin Supreme. I'll be accompanying you on my strat,” Gordon-Levitt says, referring to an electric guitar.

Taking questions during a New Hampshire panel on alternative presidential candidates, Vermin Supreme sings: “My name is Vermin, Vermin Supreme, and you can vote, you can vote for me for president if you want.”

“One more thing. Jesus told me to turn Randall Terry gay,” Vermin Supreme ads as he douses rival Randall Terry with glitter. Terry in 2004 said he was disappointed and hurt with his son Jamiel's public announcement that he is gay.

“All the ungay is melting away,” Gordon-Levitt sings. “Not a single straight gene in his DNA.”

Gingrich's statement that poor kids could benefit from working as janitors is also put to a dance beat.

“You can hire 30-some kids for the price of one janitor, those kids would get money, cash money, light janitorial duty. Get money. Cash money is a good thing if you're poor.”

After Gingrich sings, “Get that money, that cash, get a stash,” Ron Paul slowly begins to applaud. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)