A proposed bill that would make Maryland the seventh state to legalize gay marriage will be heard in two House committees, House Speaker Michael E. Busch announced on Monday.

According to The Washington Post, the move could boost the bill's chances of reaching the House floor.

The measure last year narrowly managed to clear the Judicial Committee before it fizzled in the House.

With two panels voting on the bill, a positive outcome in either could be used as justification to send the legislation to the floor.

Opponents decried the move, accusing Busch of “playing games.”

“This issue is way too important to be playing games,” said House Minority Leader Anthony J. O'Donnell. “I guess it shows a great lack of confidence in the Judiciary Committee. I think that committee is capable of doing the job.”

Busch, a supporter of marriage equality, said it made sense to have the Health and Government Operations Committee look at the bill as well, but aides acknowledged that the bill has a greater chance of passage in that committee.

“I think it clearly falls under the jurisdiction of both committees,” Busch said, noting the committee's past experience with civil rights legislation.

Maryland is the third state behind Washington and New Jersey debating marriage equality this legislative session. Colorado lawmakers will consider a civil unions bill.