Three gay couples in South Carolina will protest the state's ban on gay marriage by asking for marriage licenses, CBS affiliate WSPA reported.

The protest is part of the WE DO Campaign by the gay rights group Campaign for Southern Equality.

“There are 1200 rights that come along with marriage that we're not privileged to,” said Ivy Hill, who wants to marry her girlfriend Misha Gibson.

Added Gibson: “Growing up thinking about the person you're going to marry, and then you meet that person, and realize that you can't here in the state we call home. That's disheartening.”

A larger demonstration last year in Asheville, North Carolina included 20 gay and lesbian couples requesting marriage licenses at the Buncombe County Register of Deeds Office. At least one couple, Elizabeth Eve and the Rev. Kathryn Catledge, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, were arrested when they refused to leave the building after a clerk had denied them a marriage license.

The couples will make their requests beginning on Tuesday at the Greenville Probate Court.