Rick Santorum has won the endorsement of Maggie Gallagher, a leading opponent of gay marriage.

Gallagher is the former chairman of the board of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation's most vociferous group opposed to gay marriage, and continues to be active in the organization.

In an email to supporters offering her endorsement, Gallagher touted Santorum's opposition to marriage equality.

“The American people, I promise you, are not going to reject a man they would otherwise support because he believes in traditional Christian views of sex and marriage,” Gallagher wrote. “Especially when he believes – not just with his words, and not just with his vote, but with every action of his soul and his life – that a man's job is to support his children, born and unborn, to commit a loving and faithful marriage to one woman, and to devote himself to being a good dad.”

In posting Gallagher's endorsement, the Santorum campaign noted that the former Pennsylvania senator was one of the original authors of the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA).