New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is keeping mum on what he would do if lawmakers approve a proposed gay marriage bill, the Star-Ledger reported.

“They have a right to set their agenda, I'll set mine, we'll see who gets there first,” Christie said on Thursday in Camden. “When forced to make a decision, if forced to make a decision on it, I'll make a decision.”

Christie is widely considered the decision maker on whether New Jersey follows in the footsteps of neighbor New York.

While the Republican governor has previously said he would veto such a bill if it reached his desk, Senate President Stephen Sweeney believes the governor could be persuaded to back the measure.

“It's going to be a fight,” said Sweeney, a Democrat, during a press conference unveiling the measure. “We expect it to be a fight. The governor's a decent person, and I think we can work on educating him to the fact of what it means.”

Bills in the Senate and Assembly were officially filed on Wednesday and given top priority.