Rick Santorum has been booed again in New Hampshire over his opposition to gay rights.

Santorum on Thursday was challenged on the issue of marriage equality during a campaign stop at New England College in Concord, New Hampshire. There he told the college students that gay marriage was not okay because it would open to the door to polygamy.

During a town hall in Keene on Friday, Santorum's positions on gay rights were challenged when a man asked Santorum about his opposition to gay and bisexual troops serving openly.

“Everybody has certain inalienable rights,” said Santorum, who was dressed in a white button down shirt and a light gray sweater vest. “Serving in the military is not an inalienable right. It's a privilege. You're selected. Not everybody can serve for a variety of different reasons.”

“Why? Because we decide what is in the best interest of national security and our fighting force because that's what the military is there to do. So, it is not an inalienable right.”

“Number one, marriage is a privilege it is not a right. It is a privilege given by society, held up by society for purposes that it provides some societal good. And I would make the argument, some extraordinary societal good.”

“If it was an inalienable right, then you can imagine all the different types of marriages that would have happen. And, of course, marriage is an essential good, because it provides something unique in society. It provides a … and reflects nature and nature's God – words from the Declaration of Independence. Which is man and woman coming together to form a bond to have children and continue society in a way that gives children their birthright, which is their mother and their father.”

While several booes and hisses were heard throughout Santorum's answer, they became louder when he said: “So, it's not discrimination. Not to grant privileges. It's discrimination to deny rights. I don't want to deny rights to anyone. Everyone has a right to live their life. That doesn't mean that they are entitled to certain privileges that society gives for certain benefits that society obtains from those relationships.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)