Washington Governor Chris Gregoire is being thanked for her gay marriage endorsement with trays of gay cupcakes.

Gregoire on Wednesday said she would introduce a bill in the upcoming legislative session that if approved would make Washington state the seventh state to legalize gay marriage.

“Thank you Christine Gregoire! These cakes are for YOU!” read the caption under a photo showing trays of rainbow-colored cupcakes posted on the Facebook page of Cupcake Royale.

Owner Jody Hall told The Seattle Times that Gregoire and her staff would receive a batch of the cupcakes in the coming week.

“I'm a lesbian business owner that employs 75 people in my five Puget Sound area cafes,” said Hall. “I'm also 'civil unioned' in the state of Washington, and my partner Kelly and I have a little boy who's almost 3 named Truman.”

“I contribute a great deal to our society – by providing amazing cupcakes to our customers, by providing great jobs that come with health care coverage, and by donating over 40,000 cupcakes a year to non-profits. Yet I'm a second class citizen when it comes to my civil rights as an American. I'm so proud of our governor for standing with the GLBT community in putting forth legislation that may well bring equality to all in our state.”