Rick Santorum's comments comparing gay sex to bestiality were considered by Fox News' Shep Smith on Wednesday.

During a segment on Studio B looking at Santorum's surprising second place finish in Iowa, Smith turned to the GOP presidential candidate's most controversial comments made while he was a Senator from Pennsylvania.

Guest Terry Holt, a GOP consultant, observed that Santorum's retail politics reminded him of “the old Rick Santorum” and that he “got his [surge] at exactly the right time, and if he does well in New Hampshire I see this, it's possible [Santorum could be the nominee], but it's the money and it's the time.”

Smith added that “his list of things that are not going to appeal to any moderate are long.”

“It's going to be talked about eventually that Rick Santorum is, among other things, a man who equated homosexual sex to bestiality,” Smith said.

“He's a social conservative. He's unapologetic about that. ...”

“I don't think all social conservatives consider gay love similar to bestiality,” Smith interrupted.

“That's true,” Holt agreed, “and all of these candidates have had their share of gaffes.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)