Michele Bachmann has ended her bid for the White House after placing a distant sixth in Iowa, the AP reported.

An adviser to the Bachmann campaign told the news service that Bachmann had decided to call it quits.

Bachmann, the winner of the August Iowa Straw Poll, earlier canceled her campaigning trip to South Carolina.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who finished fifth in Iowa behind Newt Gingrich, prompted speculation that he was also considering dropping out of the race when he told supporters he was heading home to “determine whether there is a path forward” for his bid.

Rick Santorum, who placed second in Iowa trailing by only a handful of votes behind Mitt Romney, along with Bachmann and Perry, signed The Family Leader's controversial 14-point anti-gay marriage pledge, which asks each presidential candidate to “vigorously” oppose marriage equality, be faithful to his or her own spouse, vow to protect women and children from pornography and reject Sharia law because it is a “form of totalitarian control.”

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