Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann on Tuesday night said that President Barack Obama's support for gay rights is among the reasons he should become a one term president.

Santorum was the dark horse of the Iowa caucuses, securing a second place finish behind Mitt Romney, who won Iowa with just a handful of votes to spare.

However, Bachmann, the winner of the August Iowa Straw Poll, was a distant sixth in Iowa. The Bachmann campaign has canceled her campaigning trip to South Carolina, the AP reported. A Wednesday scheduled press conference has led to speculation that the Minnesota Representative is preparing to call it quits.

In comments to supporters on Tuesday night, both candidates criticized Obama for his support of gay rights.

Santorum, along with Bachmann and Texas Governor Rick Perry, signed The Family Leader's controversial 14-point anti-gay marriage pledge, which asks each presidential candidate to “vigorously” oppose marriage equality, be faithful to his or her own spouse, vow to protect women and children from pornography and reject Sharia law because it is a “form of totalitarian control.”

“Since day one of Barack Obama's presidency, I have led the fight in Washington against his liberal socialist policies,” Bachmann said.

“What we need is a candidate in the likeness and image of a Ronald Reagan.”

“What we need is a fearless conservative. One with no compromises on their record. On spending, on health care, on crony capitalism, on defending America, on standing with our ally Israel, on securing our border from illegal immigrants, on defending innocent unborn life, on protecting marriage as one man and one woman.”

Santorum's reference was a bit more opaque, stating only to supporters that “the state of our culture under this administration continues to decline with the values that are unlike the values that built this country.”