Cindy and Meghan McCain, wife and daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, respectively, have returned for a second NOH8 Campaign photo shoot.

The McCain women created a stir when they first joined the campaign roughly two years ago.

The NOH8 Campaign, which is helmed by photographer-activist Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley, is a silent protest which raises awareness and funds for gay rights causes, including ending California's 2008 voter-approved gay marriage ban, Proposition 8. The pair photograph celebrities and everyday folks with their mouths duct taped and the campaign's familiar “NOH8” slogan often written on one cheek.

Mother and daughter are seen together in one photo and each has posed for a second individual photo.

Cindy McCain also starred in a NOH8 Campaign video for the It Gets Better Project where she appeared to break with her husband over repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.”

In the video, which starred a bevy of celebrities, she blamed discriminatory laws and religious dogma for driving gay teens to kill themselves.

“Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future,” McCain said.

After other speakers stated that “these laws that legislate discrimination teach bullies that what they're doing is acceptable,” it is McCain who delivered the line, “Our government treats the LGBT community like second-class citizens – why shouldn't they?” As an example she added, “They can't serve our country openly.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Less than 24 hours later, she tweeted: “I fully support the NOH8 campaign and all it stands for and am proud to be a part of it. But I stand by my husband's stance on DADT.”