Rick Santorum once sat on the board of a gay-friendly hospital management company, RedState.com reported.

Santorum left the board of Universal Health Services (UHS) in June, about the same time he formally announced his candidacy for president. After months of non-stop campaigning in Iowa, Santorum is expected to be rewarded with a third or possibly even second place finish in Tuesday's Iowa caucuses.

The Fortune 500 UHS, which is based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, runs the 25-year-old PRIDE Institute in Minnesota.

The institute is “the nation's first and leading provider of mental health service to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.” It focuses on providing substance abuse treatment in a gay-supportive environment.

According to the institute's website, overcoming society's built-in bias against gay people, referred to as heterosexism, plays an important factor in the recovery of the gay addict.

“Heterosexism is defined as the stigmatization of nonheterosexual forms of emotional and affectional expression, sexual behavior or community. Negative covert and overt messages about the gay and lesbian lifestyle as well as incidents of hate in the form of threats, acts of humiliation, emotional abuse, and even murder occur frequently. … Heterosexism can contribute to internalized homophobia, shame and a negative self-concept.”

In pledging to fight against marriage equality, Santorum signed a controversial 14-point document that suggests in footnotes that being gay is a choice that may have a negative impact on public health. He also backs the reinstatement of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the recently ended policy that barred gay and bisexual troops from serving openly.