Ricky Martin is expected to marry his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez in New York.

El Nuevo Dia quotes an unnamed source as saying that Martin and Gonzalez will marry in a ceremony on January 28 in New York City.

In November, Martin secured citizenship in Spain, one of 10 countries where gay marriage is legal, which heightened speculation that the Puerto Rican singer was preparing to wed his boyfriend.

Rumors that Martin would marry in Argentina or Spain continued even after the artist denied them during a stop in Mexico.

β€œIn my house there is no talk of marriage,” Martin told reporters during a news conference to promote his latest studio album Musica+Alma+Sexo.

β€œI'm not going to get married, we are very happy as we are, we've been together three years,” he added.

During a CNN interview shortly after coming out in 2010, Martin told host Larry King that he would consider getting hitched but wanted to do so in the United States.

New York became the sixth state to legalize gay marriage in June and the law took effect in July.

The former Menudo star and father of twin boys Mateo and Valentino came out gay in his memoir Me.

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