Sex advice columnist, author and founder of the It Gets Better Project Dan Savage has predicted an “evolutionary leap” on gay marriage for President Barack Obama following the 2012 general election.

Obama, considered the most gay-friendly president the nation has ever elected, has repeatedly dodged the question of whether he supports giving gay and lesbian couples the right to marry, saying only that he's “evolving” on the issue.

During a National Public Radio (NPR) All Things Considered story broadcast Saturday, Savage said the biggest issue of 2012 for the gay community will be the presidential election.

“The reelection of Barack Obama, who isn't perfect on our issues. He devolved on the issue of marriage equality. In 1996, he was a supporter of marriage equality, and then by 2008 he was opposed. But I believe the president is going to evolve on marriage equality. And we may see an evolutionary leap after the 2012 election,” Savage said.

Savage added: “We're going to see more marriage equality battles, and we're going to see us starting to win some at the ballot box.”