New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith has said he supports repeal of the state's 2-year-old gay marriage law.

Republicans are expected to vote on a bill that would replace the law sometime after the January 10 presidential primary. The new bill, sponsored by state Rep. David Bates, would replace the law with civil unions for any unmarried adults, including relatives, and would allow anyone to refuse to recognize such unions.

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Democratic Governor John Lynch signed the bill into law and has said he opposes any attempt to repeal it. However, Republicans control both houses of the Legislature. Lynch is not seeking re-election.

In remarks to the Windham Patch, Smith said as governor he would sign repeal of the bill.

“Well, it's not going to be a theme of my campaign and it's not going to be a focus of my campaign,” Smith said. “I've been very clear that if the gay marriage repeal came to my desk as governor, if it wasn't repealed this session, that I would sign it. But my focus in the campaign is going to be on jobs and the economy.”

Smith, a Republican, is the former director of Cornerstone Action, a Christian conservative group that opposed passage of the gay marriage bill.