Ellen DeGeneres' love life and Hillary Clinton's gay rights speech are mentioned in a December 28 SheWired.com story highlighting their favorite lesbian tweets.

Jami Smith, comedian and host of Gaysayer, The Advocate Comedy's Twitter feed, compiled the following tweets.

“Sometimes there are a few bumpy Anne Heches on the road to Portia DeRossi,” Smith (@jamismithcomic) tweeted, a reference to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres' former girlfriend and current wife, respectively.

“In addition to being the title of a new movie, 'The Iron Lady' is the worst nickname I ever had for my vagina,” Jill Kushner (@TheJillKushner) tweeted.

“Spooning leads to Forking. Unless you've been dating a while. Then spooning leads to Food Coma,” Lianna Carrera (@LiannaC) tweeted.

“Since my gf works in foodservice, our sexy workplace role-play involves aprons and strained fake smiles rather than desks and pencil skirts,” Janine Brito (@janinebrito) tweeted.

“It's nice living in a time when a violently wrong and anti-gay stance could backfire,” Claudia Cogan (@blaudiablogan) tweeted. “Also great new yogurt flavors.”

Finally, Jessica Halem (@jessicahalem) provided the following gems.

“Everytime @Grindr posts about marriage equality – an angel loses his hard-on.”

“Hillary Clinton's speech was groundbreaking because after endless re-posting on Facebook by gay men – not one of them mentioned her hair.”