Linda Harvey has warned that openly gay military service will lead to “prancing drill sergeants,” media watchdog reported.

Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America and a frequent contributor to the conservative website, which is run by Joseph Farah, listed repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” as the year's top “'gay' abuse.”

On December 22, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the bill that started the process of ending the policy that for 18 years banned gay and bisexual troops from serving openly. The policy officially ended on September 20, 2011.

“And the No. 1 abuse of homosexual activism in the United States in 2011, was the implementation of the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' allowing open homosexual behavior in our military,” Harvey wrote at “No one can yet know how damaging the repeal of the ban on sodomy will be – we can only guess – but there's no question that it will damage the character of our armed forces and undermine their effectiveness. Dare I say the obvious? We need non-effeminate men in the military. Does anyone really believe that a prancing drill sergeant won't detract from readiness? Where women are serving, they should be women of high character, not those who embrace homosexual conduct and publicly declare a 'sin' identity. These folks have truly lost their way, their shame, their innate sense of God's touch on and design for their lives.”

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