Lady Gaga and Conan O'Brien have been labeled “losers of the year” for marrying gay couples, media watchdog reported.

During an appearance Thursday on Fox News' Hannity, Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, declared that the entertainers were eager to “shred traditional values.”

Lady Gaga has said she will officiate over the wedding of her yoga instructor Tricia Donegan and her partner, while O'Brien, the host of cabler TBS' Conan, officiated the wedding of his costume designer Scott Cronick while filming in New York City after the state legalized gay marriage.

“Lady Gaga … has a new vocation in mind,” Bozell said on the program. “She's announced she wants to become an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church so she can marry two gay male friends.”

“Lady Gaga is as unattractive, in every sense of the word, as her name is stupid. She welcomed Easter with a single called Judas and arrives at Christmas as Reverend Gaga. This is the same 'instant online ordination' that TBS late-night host Conan O'Brien used in November in a disgusting scene to 'marry' two gay males live on his television show. Gaga and Conan are two of the real cultural losers of 2011.”