Lance Bass has apologized for using a transgender slur on national television.

While guest hosting Access Hollywood Live on Thursday morning, Bass suggested to guest Billy Eichner that he interview “trannies” for his new show Billy On The Street, a New York City-based man-on-the-street game show.

“You need to go to Christopher and Hudson and get those trannies on the corner there – that would be perfect,” Bass told Eichner.

“I love trannies,” Eichner started, then added: “We're not supposed to call them trannies anymore. Did you see that Neil Patrick Harris called them a tranny on Twitter?”

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“Oh, no?” Bass said. “Great, now I'm going to get in trouble.”

The 32-year-old openly gay Bass apologized for the gaff in a Twitter message to his nearly 150,000 followers: “You think ONE of my MANY transvestite friends would have told me 'tranny' is a bad word now! They only call themselves that – I'm sorry if I offended anyone by using that word!”