Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen were arrested and jailed on Thursday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Lambert and Koskinen were arrested around 4AM Thursday morning outside Helsinki, Finland gay club Don't Tell Mama.

The men were held for questioning and later released.

The couple quarreled inside one of the club's back rooms, which got them tossed onto the street. Their quarrel continued outside the club, where it became physical.

Lambert accidentally hit Sofia Ruusila, an ex-Miss Helsinki, when she attempted to get between the couple, local media reported. Ruusila had been celebrating with Lambert and Koskinen earlier inside the club.

Koskinen, an Helsinki native who won the third season of the Finnish version of the reality series Big Brother in 2007 at the age of 22, and Lambert have been dating for roughly 1 year. Lambert arrived in Finland on Monday to celebrate Christmas with his reality star boyfriend.

It was unclear whether Lambert would face charges in Finland.

Writing at his blog after being released, Koskinen said: “Celebrities are people too and fame is not easy. Love is not always easy either, but it's forever.”