President Barack Obama will soon endorse gay marriage, Richard Socarides, a former adviser on gay rights to President Bill Clinton, has predicted.

In an op-ed published Tuesday in the New Yorker, Socarides wrote that Obama's announcement was on the “immediate horizon.”

“After a year in which we saw a number of high-profile gay-rights victories, including the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and the legislative enactment of same-sex marriage in New York, it's hard to imagine that more big news is on the immediate horizon. But it is.”

“[P]resident Barack Obama's self-described 'evolution' on same-sex marriage appears likely to end with a strategically timed (if low-key) pre-election announcement of his support for marriage equality.”

“Until now, the President's position has been based on political expediency. He has tried to have it both ways. He articulated a kind of a 'separate but equal' policy – in support of 'full rights' without endorsing marriage.”

“But now, the remarkable new reality for Obama in this election is that supporting marriage equality is smart politics,” Socarides added, referring to increasing support for gay rights. “And it might just help get President Obama reelected.”