GLBT films from Islamic countries are in vogue at the Berlin Film Festival this year. Audiences there have screened three such films. The films tackle difficult subjects for Muslims and don't shy away from the taboo.

A Jihad For Love explores the lives of gay and lesbian Muslims from around the world. The documentary includes interviews with gay and lesbian Muslims from 12 countries. The film, barred in South Africa, is the work of Indian director Parvez Sharma.

Sharma's Berlin Film Festival blog gives compelling reasons for the making of the film. Voices from around the globe reach out to him to tell their stories. A 17 year old boy writes, “ November 2007 my parents found out about my homosexuality and my third world war started. I was kept isolated during a month, very much confined to my home with no means of communication with the outside world whatsoever. I was given the ultimatum to either cure my self right away or be murdered and eliminated by my 30 year old brother/stoned to death by my father....Please Parvez, I must see your documentary for I can no longer live and love with the knowledge that I am displeasing Allah.”

Another documentary by director Dondu Kilic The Other Side of Istanbul looks at homosexual discrimination in Turkey's capital.

Finally, director Tanaz Eshaghian looks at the lives of Iranian men undergoing sex reassignment in Be Like Others.

The Berlin Film Festival, also called Berlinale, commands the largest film audience in the world. Berlinale screens through February 17, 2008.

Hollywood star Colin Farrell is ready to give away his brother – to another man. Farrell plans to be his brother's best man in a gay marriage ceremony this spring, reports the National Enquirer.

The Irish hunk will stand beside his sibling Eamonn when he marries his long-term partner Steven Mannion. The pair are marrying in Massachusetts, the only state that recognizes gay marriage.

Colin reportedly helped his brother choose an engagement ring and will pick up the tab for the wedding.

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